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About Us

We are Beautiful Sweets Organic Bakery, creators of the World’s most beautiful and delicious custom themed organic sugar cookies.

Each year America’s waist line expands as the obesity rate in the World continues to grow at an alarming rate. It is not surprising that the one of the biggest culprits is unhealthy foods—especially unhealthy snacks and desserts.

Now, we all know these foods alone are not the reason we keep packing on the pounds. Rather, there are other pressing issues that seem to have been swept under the rug as economies are forced to cut back on funding for issues that are basically not deemed as having an immediate need or generating immediate results.

As a result, programs that educate us all on the benefits of healthy eating, teach us how to eat healthy, give us access to affordable medical care and exercise programs etc., has become almost non-existent in some cities and towns across the country. Many more funding cuts and the shrinkage of resources is taking place each month which means this ‘growing’ problem is just going to get worse before it gets better.

We here at Beautiful Sweets believe that a healthy diet in addition to a healthy mindset, along with proper exercise will result in not only a thinner waistline but a more positive outlook on life as well.

Our 100% organic sugar cookies are a perfect fit the healthy minded consumers of healthy foods and those who appreciate not only an addicting cookie but a visually stunning masterpiece as well.

That’s right all of our cookies are custom decorated with utmost love, care, and attention. Each cookie we create is a work of edible art that none other than Al Rocker has called “The most beautiful cookies in the World”(from Roker on the Road) with many more satisfied customers from far and wide agreeing with him.

The delectable organic sugar cookies our bakers craft can be designed around most any occasion, celebration, Holiday, party, milestone and or company event one can think of.

This provides us with flexibility that our valued customers appreciate.

Here are some of our most popular themes:

  1. Christmas
  2. Halloween
  3. Weddings
  4. Corporate gifts
  5. Team events
  6. Color your own cookies
  7. Births
  8. Celebrations
  9. Anniversaries
  10. School events
  11. Thank you gift
  12. Get well
  13. Thanksgiving

And more!

We also offer our cookies as gluten free sugar cookies. These are perfect for those who may suffer from certain food borne allergies or diseases along with those who just stay away from foods that contain gluten. You’ll notice no difference in the stunning visual quality of our gluten free cookies. You can be assured that they’ll be just as beautiful and taste just as remarkable as our regular organic sugar cookies. Plus, without gluten in the mix, these cookies are sure to bring a smile to even the healthiest of eaters.

And that’s what Beautiful Sweets is all about—bringing smiles, joy, health and happiness to the World one beautiful, delectable organic sugar cookie at a time.

If you can stand it no longer then please click here to see our diverse selection of custom themed organic sugar cookies for yourself.

After all, thousands of smiling happy and healthier cookie eaters can’t be wrong.


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