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A Category 1 Hurricane Still Packs a Powerful Punch

A Category 1 Hurricane Still Packs a Powerful Punch

According to the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Scale, a Category 1 Hurricane such as Sandy, which the East Coast is now bracing for, should still be considered very dangerous and those in the path of the hurricane are encouraged to heed the warnings and mandatory evacuations set by Local, State and Federal Agencies.

MSNBC TV has just reported during an on-air update that Sandy may collide with two other storms creating a huge super-storm.

The latest reports show the peak of the storm hitting Monday evening in Mid-Southern New Jersey.

A 4-7ft. storm surge is predicted which means coastal flooding in addition to power outages is quite possible.

To be classified as a Cat 1 Hurricane, a tropical cyclone must have maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph (Category 1). The highest classification in the scale, Category 5, is reserved for storms with winds exceeding 156 mph.

Past Cat 1 Hurricanes have caused major damage often in the billions. Last year Hurricane Irene caused an estimated $15.8 billion in total damage with 2 deaths reported in Florida.

I just saw a report of a lone boogie boarder on a beach in Delaware with the surf pounding around him. MSNBC was interviewing Delaware Governor Jack Markell at the time I saw the boogie boarder. The Governor was urging everyone to adhere to all warnings and to take Sandy seriously.

We urge everyone to heed all warnings and evacuate your homes or businesses if asked/required to do so.

Don’t think a Cat 1 Hurricane can’t cause damage? Check out the photo’s below.

Hurricane Sandy 2012 Images

Updated 10/29/12 @ 4pm PST

10/29/12 Hurricane Sandy in NY – Surreal

Image courtesy of

10/29/12 People swimming in a Sandy sea. Dumb!

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10/29/12 This is what Sandy’s winds can do.

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10/29/12 Sandy’s already causing flooding

Image courtesy of

10/29/12 Sandy coming ashore

Image courtesy of

10/29/12 Wide spread damage expected

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Damage caused in cuba

Flooding in Cuba

Image courtesy of

Hurricane Sandy causes damage in  Cuba

Image courtesy of Google

South Carolina- This is what you should not do!

Image courtesy of

More damage in Cuba Hurricane Sandy Oct. 2012

Image courtesy of

Please don’t think of staying in an area where you have been asked to leave or stay away from.

We wish all our family, friends, customers and readers who may be in the affected areas the very best and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

An MSNBC  TV update @ 6pm PST stated millions of Americans could be in danger! DON’T TAKE ANY CHANCES!

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