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Trying to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy: Fight the Good Fight with Preparation and Little White-Lies

If trying to get your kids eating healthy is like trying to diet during the Holidays (an uphill battle to say the least) then fear no more my bewildered friends for there is hope.

It doesn’t  have to be World War III at your dinner table each night. Remember, it takes many battles to win a war. Some battles you’ll lose, it’s inevitable. The key is preparation, choosing your battles wisely and knowing that no war was ever been won without a little deception.

Before you know it there will be peace and harmony at your dinner table. If your family even eats at the dinner table. It’s tough in this day and age I know. More on this below.

Win the war and get your kids eating healthy with proper preparation

This is perhaps the easiest part because it’s all on you. If you’re ever going to see your kids eating healthy then you need to prepare yourself beforehand.

These tips can make your efforts a lot simpler for the mere fact that you’ve prepared and in doing so you will catch the enemy off guard.

  • Erase all negativity as it pertains to previous dinner table battles. Forget about the failed attempts, arguments, time-outs, frustration, hissy-fits, etc. as negativity breeds negativity. It’s time for a clean slate.
  • Have a budget and plan your meals ahead of time. What? I can appreciate just how busy you are and I know planning meals is the last thing on your mind. However, by budgeting and planning meals ahead of time, you can research, shop and prepare healthier and tastier meals. When we shop without a budget or list, common sense can fly out the window — we more often than not grab the old unhealthy, crowd pleasing, standbys or we’re in a rush just throwing things in the cart. Oh, we do occasionally grab something healthy only to have it thoroughly rejected come meal time. Not anymore.
  • Have some support in place—not your significant other either—so you can vent elsewhere. Venting to someone is your home can just lead to unwanted tension which may sabotage you’re well thought battle plan.

And that’s that. Go into this with a positive mindset, plan ahead and have some biased support you can turn to when needed.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have won half the battle already.

Now it’s time to implement your battle plan.

Tips to assuring victory and have your kids eating healthy.

How many times have we all heard the old clichés “kill em’ with kindness” and “anger begets anger”? Well in our particular scenario these adages will prove to be true yet both easier said than done I know.

But, you’re prepared remember?

Preparation coupled with these steps should help to bring peace and stability to your dinner table.

  • Do not be forceful in any way, shape or manner. If you plan ahead, try different things and do not force things, you’ll be surprised at the results. Please remember that kids have choices too. Do you like having anything forced on you? Now I am not saying be a pushover, just take it easy on them.
  • Keep your temper in check. That goes without saying
  • Don’t expect your kids to eat anything you won’t eat. It’s just like smoking—how can I tell my kids not to smoke if I smoke?
  • Eat at the dinner table! Even if it’s only a few nights a week. Why has this become a lost part of a majority of family’s dinner? It’s like a tradition now and this is sad. Oh, I know why it’s died, I was being facetious.
  • Don’t blow it by giving in at dessert time. Introduce healthier desserts in addition to other meals.
  • It’s OK to tell white-lies. A good one is “Johnny’s mom said his older brother loves these?” Hum, someone cool and older likes it so maybe it’s not so bad. Shady? A little. Effective? Yep.
  • Ask your husband, wife, partner, significant other, roommate or anyone you may live with to be on board with the plan. You may have to put your foot down (withholding something usually works—wink-wink) and let them know you all will be eating healthy no matter what. Seriously, you need to be in unison. Kids are not dumb and will play one against the other. This too is inevitable, I’m afraid.

And there you have it, my keys to winning the war of “Getting My Kids Eating Healthy


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Dana has been a chronic pain patient for eighteen years. He overcame a traumatic childhood only to have an injury to his spine that lead to his chronic pain. He has battled the “poor woeless me” syndrome (as he likes to call it) only to bounce back each and every time. He now supplements his SSDI by freelancing his content/copy writing and marketing all from home. However, his most pleasure comes from helping others to overcome their obstacles and pains so they can learn to live life at its absolute fullest. He encourages you to connect with him on Google + and join his new community: People in Pain

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