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Planning on giving food as a gift this Holiday season? Don’t be like Janet.

Well the inevitable is close at hand as yet another Holiday Season is fast approaching. Geez, where does the time go?

And with the Holidays come the parties. There are the parties for work, school, friends, family, and then of course comes the actual Holiday—though a Holiday dinner with family and close friends is more of a gathering.

Anyway, as we are all aware, quite a few Holiday parties are potluck (as if we’re not busy enough) which requires more thought and effort. Again who wants to hear “And thank you Janet for the store bought cookies” as the kudos are being issued at the end of the party?

Don’t be like Janet.

Below are some great ideas that will not only make your coworker, friend or family member smile with delight but will also not potentially send them to the hospital with an allergic reaction.

Customized desserts as gifts

Food, especially desserts, can be the ultimate gift to customize. Whether made from scratch at home or purchased from a reputable baker, customized desserts show the recipient of the gift that yours is one meant to bring them joy.

A gift that is a customized dessert has two things going for it.

  1. It’s a dessert and who doesn’t love desserts?
  2. Their customized!

What a great combination these two make. When done right, they can pack a powerful punch that can really touch the recipient.

We recommend great care and preparation is taken when giving customized desserts as gifts. Also, be sure to present the gift in a manner that says you care—not just wrapped in aluminum foil—which speaks of laziness. You want this gift to have its intended purpose. People are smart and can pretty much tell when a gift, food being one of them, had any thought and/or care put into it.

You should always take into consideration that just because you or your family may enjoy a particular dessert, those who may be eating your gift may not. Try to be as diligent as possible, really taking the time to research your gift will be well received. Why give someone customized brownies when they disdain chocolate?

In addition, many people have food allergies they do not make public (especially coworkers) so make sure to keep this in mind when planning and prepping your dishes. It will not hurt to politely and quietly snoop around a little (even at the office) to insure your customized food gifts will not give someone an allergic reaction. Don’t laugh, it happens every year.

Can you imagine receiving a thank you card that reads “Dear Janet, thanks for the walnut brownies along with the allergic reaction and subsequent hospital stay. Here’s the hospital bill.” Yea, no thanks not me.

Again, don’t be like Janet.

Give our cookies and avoid being Janet

Our healthy customized organic sugar cookies will not only insure none-of-the-above happens they also have the potential to make you a legend among your peers, coworkers and anyone else who is lucky enough to partake in your gift of love.

When you give our cookies as a gift you can be assured you’re giving 100% organic sugar cookies made from ingredients we purchase from sustainable organic farms. Yes, we have our customers and the environments best interest at heart.

For those who may suffer with celiac disease, all our themed sugar cookies can be made gluten-free as well. There are very few bakers that offer custom sugar cookies in a gluten-free variety — WE DO!

Our cookies make the perfect customized gift for any holiday, occasion, event, party, corporate event — you name it!  And they are especially nice to give as a token of love.

Please visit our main site where we have all our delightful and delicious organic sugar cookies on display.


About Stop The Pain!

Dana has been a chronic pain patient for eighteen years. He overcame a traumatic childhood only to have an injury to his spine that lead to his chronic pain. He has battled the “poor woeless me” syndrome (as he likes to call it) only to bounce back each and every time. He now supplements his SSDI by freelancing his content/copy writing and marketing all from home. However, his most pleasure comes from helping others to overcome their obstacles and pains so they can learn to live life at its absolute fullest. He encourages you to connect with him on Google + and join his new community: People in Pain

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